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Walking around town

The old town of Kotor is quick and easy to get acquainted with walking on foot, which is always pleasurable and instructive. Only a few minutes walk from the city harbor and the waterfront leads you to the main city gates, where you can free the map of the old city and watch it as old sailors who are ancient maps and the stars braved their way to world seas.

Narrow streets lurking in bigger and smaller squares will remind you of a whore full of surprises. Captain's palates, cathedrals, Gothic portals, open spaces, balconies, pics, people's screams and the ever-living atmosphere that sometimes spins in your head will bring you to an abandoned place like tasty restaurants and cafes. After respite, you can climb the unique walls of Sveti Ivan, which are more resilient than filmmakers.

A special atmosphere is Kotor at night, the illuminating ramparts and nothing less alive and appealing. We also recommend walking to the lakes by the sea like the lower road in Dobrota, where the closeness of the bridges, the boundaries of the boat and the sea, on the one hand, and the captain's palates and the gentle nature, on the other hand, fill both the body and the spirit. The road to the sea is exceptional for recreation and for an unforgettable walk, and all the additional information can always be obtained from the friendly staff of Info Pulta at the stone kiosk

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