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Montenegrin wine

"Small country, great wines"

Enjoying the extraordinary climate, soil composition, favorable position, Mediterranean climate with 240 sunny days of year-old nature gave the chance to be home-grown, but also world-wide grape varieties on Montenegrin beautiful soil. From the autochthonous Montenegrin varieties the most interesting and most famous is the black variety Vranac and the white variety Krstač. Apart from autochthonous varieties, other world-famous worms, such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Merlo, Cabernet and many others, are also excellent. Wine Vranac is the largest brand, Montenegro's largest export product, followed by Vranac Pro Corde, Vranac Pro Corde Selection, Vranac Barrique, Vranac Reserve, Prime, Oka, as well as natural sweet wine Medun.

In these tastes, you discover the truth about the exaltation of the royal tradition, the charms of friendship and love, about the beauty of the Montenegrin soul. In addition to "13. Jul-Plantation ", which has a leading position in grape and wine production, Montenegro also has a wine cellar" Sjekloća ", which is the first registered private cellar in Montenegro. Products Crnogorski Vranac "Sjekloća", top quality red wine.

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